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Fall 2017/ Winter 2017
Erik Bendix describes D. Dominick Lombardi's Post-Apocalyptic Tattoo (1998-2008) and Graffoo series (2006-2009) at Prince Gallery in Copenhagen as playfully tackling the theme of the human condition. In the interview that follows, Steve Rockwell speaks with dArt's U.S. editor D. Dominick Lombardi about art art and its intersection with the curatorial practice.
As dArt International magazine rounds out its 20th year of publication, publisher Steve Rockwell reflects on some the foundational building blocks grounded in art practice that led to the publication of dArt International magazine in January 1998.
Kim Dorland is admittedly a city dweller, not an outdoor man like the legendary landscape painter Tom Thomson, whom he admires. As Emese Krunák-Hajagos relates in her article on Dorland, "He might paint forests, lakes, hills, trees, sky, campsites and animals – but he is an outsider in nature." Perhaps it's where woodland and asphalt meet that the artists finds his "...perfect psychological moment."
The Sharjah Biennale in the United Arab Emirates by Janet Bellotto
Galleries, fairs, commissions and more electrify the local scene by Janet Bellotto
Courtesy of New York's literary journal, Epiphany by Siba Kumar Das
Comfort women-themed group show at the Anya and Andrew Shiva Gallery, John Jay College of Criminal Justice by Jonathan Goodman
Gisela Colón at the Castellani Museum, Niagara University, NY by Steve Rockwell
Edgar Zippel at Galerie u – Mauzalu 86, Berlin, Germany by Christopher Hart Chambers
New York businessman Paul Gurtler's collection of Toronto-Based artists
Kóan Jeff Baysa speaks with Bruna Stude of Galerie 103 in Hawai'i
John Mendelsohn at 57W57 Arts and 490 Atlantic Gallery in New York City by Gwenaël Kerlidou
at Simon Doucet at Gallery d'Arte in New York City by Robert Curcio
Preview of Group Exhibition at Elga Wimmer PCC in New York City by Christopher Hart Chambers
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